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May. 23rd, 2011 @ 02:45 am BirfdayPalooza 2011
Current Mood: awakeawake
And I just opened a tumblr.com account that I will probably forget to use LMAO. The url is http://lacontessaarctica.tumblr.com and I will probably fill that with Horror Host pictures (read: pictures of Greg*ula*) and mah other love Arctic Monkeys lol.

Birfdaypalooza 2011 was a success! With the exception of dealing with an insane psycho woman that came to my door and upset the living fuck out of me, my bday was grand! It started out on Friday the 1st April with a seance at an Irish pub in Willow Springs hosted by Bob of Reaper Madness (don't have the link too lazy to Google lol) and conducted by our good friend and fiend Master Ron Fitzgerald. I think I felt something during the seance because I got strangely upset and felt like I didn't belong up in that supposedly haunted attic. I only felt like that one other time and that was at the Mars Haunted House up in Milwaukee and that was supposed to be really haunted and I had that feeling in the first room we went into. Creepy as hell!

On my actual Birthday we relaxed quite a bit cos it was a Thursday. Spent the day reading the 1001 (haha) Facebook messages (ok not really but it was a lot), then dealt with said crazy person who decided to yell at me over the delivery of a package to the wrong place. Oh wells! We then went to Sweet Tomatoes for my bday dinner which was super delish!

We also did the Triton Troupers Circus the next week which was always great fun.

Well I know this post is well over a month late but my life is oh-so-exciting :p hahaha.
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