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La Contessa's Boudoir

The Adventures Of Everyone's Favorite Count & Countess

Countess Gregula aka Linda
7 April 1969
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I am Countess Lily Satanica Gregula, the daughter of the Dark Lord Satan and his bride Jezebel...born in the firey pits of Hell. My parents gave me the nickname The Demon Angel, well cos I am so damn angelic and cute you know :p. I met my dearest Count Gregula when Father and I summered in Transylvania 200 years ago. He drank my blood one night while we were alone and I became a Vampire Demon...and His Beloved Countess for all eternity.

Today we live in the Transylvanian section of Chicago, IL in the disguise of thirtysomething mortals Linda and Greg, who spend way too much time watching TV sitcom reruns and eating ham sandwiches. We are currently making our Evil Plans to bring our special brand of Vampirey Fun to TV viewers in the Midwest as Horror Hosts!

This journal is pretty much an open book, I like to ramble and whatnot cos my life is fairly mundane :). However, I do tend to keep the ranty and personal posts as "Friends Only" because there are too many stupid jerks out there in Internet-land who have screwed me over in the past and I would prefer they not know my private business.

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